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Proverbs and Sayings


Atharva Vedic Quotes

The Atharvaveda is the oldest literary text of Indian medicine believed to be the origin of Ayurveda (Indian medical science)… Read Now

Rig Vedic Quotes

The Vedas are the oldest scriptures of India and one of the oldest extant texts in the Indo-European languages, consists of 100 books or mandalas with 1028 hymns or suktas in about 10,600 verses… Read More

Sama Vedic Quotes

The smallest of the Vedas, the Sama Veda contains notated melodies and mentions instruments from the contemporary world… Read More

Yajur Vedic Quotes

Among the Vedas the Yajurveda is the Veda of mantras for ritual worship and is datable roughly between 1200-1000BCE … Read Now


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