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The Vedas are the Oldest scriptures of India and one of the oldest extant texts in the Indo-European languages. The Rigveda samhita being the oldest among the four (Rig Veda, Sama Veda, Yajur Veda and Atharva Veda) and is dated between 1500 to 1200 BCE.

The text in the Rig Veda is layered, consisting of the Samhita, Brahmanas, Aranyakas and Upanishads. However, it is the Rigveda Samhita that is of most prominence, it consists of 10 books or mandalas with 1028 hymns or suktas in about 10,600 verses that have been written in the form of dialogues, dramatic play or pedagogic style.

It is ironic that Books 2-9 were composed first, while books 1 and 10 were added later. This is evident from the fact that the older books have hymns dedicated to discussions of cosmology and praises of the deities while the younger books also deal with philosophical and speculative questions, virtues, questions of origin of the universe and gods.

The corpus of Vedic texts had been orally transmitted from generation to generation before they were finally written down. The scripture was written on palm leaf manuscripts, copied for preservation in Hindu temples and monasteries.

Some of its verses continue to be recited during Hindu rites of celebrations and prayers, for example the Gayatri Mantra, making it probably the world’s oldest religious text in continued use.


“Where do the gods fit in this creation scheme?”

“Who knows for certain?
Who shall here declare it?
Whence was it born, whence came creation?
The gods are later than this world’s formation;
Who then can know the origins of the world?
None knows whence creation arose;
And whether he has or has not made it;
He who surveys it from the lofty skies.
Only he knows-
or perhaps he knows not.”

“Truth is one, but the wise men know it as many; God is one, but we can approach Him in many ways.”

“One should eat nutritious food and exercise regularly to have sound health. Virtuous deeds performed with intelligence shall naturally bring good wealth.”

“Praises make the wicked deaf(they can’t tolerate criticism) while people who praise become successful because of their humility.”

“Ego is the biggest enemy of humans.”

“From it the horses were born and all that have cutting teeth in both jaws. The cows were born from it, also. From it were born goats and sheep.”

“The person, who imparts knowledge also gives numerous added advantages.”

“To what is One, sages give many a title they call it Agni, Yama, Mātariśvan.

“May there be unison in the speech and action of humans. Only by this shall, unity emerge and serve each other purpose. The nation shall emerge stronger and mightier because of this.”

“Laziness begets nothing but failure and lost opportunities.”

“One should never fear sorrow because it is the stepping stone to happiness.”

“One should always ensure a pure environment while making food. One should never prepare food with dirty hands. This could lead to a number of ailments and make the body weak.”

“One should strongly resent miserliness and indulge in charity because one can acquire the never-ending wealth of immortality by doing so.”

“People who are proud do not adhere or acquire anything and as a result of which the ego gets destroyed.”

“Only by attaining knowledge can one become free from ignorance and eliminate his sins. Such a man dwells independently as his mind become free from fear.”

“Lack of faith, treachery, arguments and animosity only breed malevolence. It is in the best interest of all to avoid this tread on the path of progress.”

“It is important for a person to remain healthy and sound because a healthy mind dwells in a healthy body.”

“Without knowledge a man is no better than an animal.”

“Even God blesses only those who are contemplative, intelligent and the protectors of the weak.”

“Darkness was hidden by darkness in the beginning. All this was an indistinguishable sea. That which becomes, that which was enveloped by the void, that alone was born through the power of heat.”

“The non-existent was not; the existent was not at that time. The atmosphere was not, nor the heavens which are beyond. What was concealed? Where? In whose protection? Was it water? An unfathomable abyss?”

“Intelligence is the mightiest and nothing is beyond its reach.”

“By practicing concentration the mind can be made stable. A stable mind helps in taking right decisions and achieving the desired result.”

“The mind is fickle like a fast galloping horse and the only way to control him is by involving him in good actions beneficial for the welfare of all. The person who does so shall achieve success and peace.”

“The first form of happiness is sound health, one should partake nutritious, balanced food to keep the body healthy. So it is essential to maintain the health of the mind and body simultaneously.”

“In real worship, we just not do ritualistic worship but we try to imbibe the qualities of the one we are worshipping.”

“Just as the Sun is respected for providing heat and energy to the world, in the same manner you too can attain respect in this world by acquiring knowledge.”

“Knowledge brings power.”

“Play not with dice, cultivate your corn-land. Enjoy the gain, and deem that wealth sufficient.”

“In the beginning
There was neither existence nor nonexistence,
Neither sky nor heaven beyond …
That One breathed, without breath,
By his own breathless power.
The first born was the Creative Will,
The primordial seed of the mind.
All else followed.
The sages, searching for the truth within themselves,
Discovered the eternal bond between the seen and unseen.
This bond was an endless line stretched across the heavens.
What was above?
What was below?
Primal seeds were sprouting, mighty forces were moving;
Pulsation from below, pure energy above.
Who here knows? Who can say for sure?
When it began and from where it came-this creation?
The gods came afterwards
So who really knows?
From where this creation came,
By what means it was formed,
Only He who watches from the highest heaven knows
or perhaps even He does not know!”







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