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Bahuchara Mata

As the goddess of men and non-men, Bahuchara Mata, the patron goddess of the transgender community, while sitting on her rooster is bound to shock you with her stories of impotencies, castration and the like… Read Now


The Dashavataras or the ten incarnations of lord Vishnu are believed to represent the theory of Darwinian Evolution moving from aquatic form of life as Matsya Avatar to the human form as pastoralist as Krishna and Kalki as the protector… Read More


The Jataka tales are a voluminous body of literature consisting of 547 stories/poems native to India concerning the previous births of Buddha in both human and animal form… Read More

Mughal Miniatures Under Akbar

Akbar said, A painter recognizes God as he cannot bestow life in his work. And then created an atelier that is unmatched… Read Now

Mughal Tomb Buildings

Mughals came and conquered our land, but they also left behind a legacy of tomb buildings that speaks volumes about them… Read Now

Proverbs and Sayings

With one of the oldest civilisations in the world, India has some great, motivational, inspirational, and often even hilarious groups of proverbs, quotes and sayings that will blow your mind… Read More

Qutub Complex

Built of the remains of twenty seven temples, the Qutub Complex has a lot more to offer than the famous Minar we know of… Read Now


The Saptarishi are the seven rishis or saints of ancient India, who are extolled at many places in the Vedas and other Hindu literature. They are regarded in the Vedas as the patriarchs of the Vedic religion… Read More


Some cool facts about the things that happen only in India and the marvels that we have in our country that we should know more about. For example, the Loktak Lake in Manipur has the world’s only floating National Park… Read More

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